North America Smart Energy Week


October 21-22, 2020
Las Vegas Convention Center Bronze Lot Las Vegas, NV

Energy After Hours

Welcome to Energy After Hours. Kick back, grab your favorite drink, and join us for unscripted, entertaining conversations with energy leaders across the country.

Episode 2 | Hydrogen: Expanding the Field

Settle in with a refreshment and join this casual conversation on hydrogen’s growing role in providing energy solutions that span multiple industries. Where are we seeing new projects? How big of a part does solar play in hydrogen’s expansion? Let’s discuss.

Featuring Bill Elrick, Executive Director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and Nick Barilo, Executive Director of the Center for Hydrogen Safety

Episode 1 | Resilient energy: What are we waiting for?

Kick back, grab your favorite beverage, and join us for an off-the-cuff discussion with Brian Patterson, Founder, EMerge Alliance, Catherine Von Berg, CEO at Simpliphi Power, and Gary Oppedahl, Vice President-Block Energy at Emera Technologies about energy resilience.

When the next disaster hits us, what if it also hits our grid? We’ll discuss what’s holding us back as a nation from being truly resilient.

(This episode of Energy After Hours was streamed live on 5/12/2020)