North America Smart Energy Week


September 20-23, 2021
New Orleans, LA New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center


Frequently Asked Questions

North America Smart Energy Week, powered by industry-leading organizations the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), is the largest gathering of solar, smart energy, energy storage, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells professionals in North America looking to grow their renewable portfolio for businesses and communities. Anchored by the flagship event, Solar Power International, North America Smart Energy Week brings together an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for four days of networking, accredited educational events, and innovation that moves the industry forward.

Registration to North America Smart Energy Week gives you access to SPI, ESI, Smart Energy Marketplace + Microgrid, and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells International.

As the anchor event of North America Smart Energy Week, Solar Power International generates success for energy professionals and the global solar industry. SPI sets the standard for solar events as the fastest growing and largest energy event in North America as recognized by Trade Show Executive and Trade Show News Network. SPI has also been among the Gold 100 for eight years running and named the 2017 “Best Use of Technology” and the 2016 “Stickiest Show Floor” by Trade Show Executive for the innovative ways in which attendees stay engaged.

Registration to North America Smart Energy Week gives you access to SPI, ESI, Smart Energy Marketplace + Microgrid, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells International, and Wind Energy International.

With costs continuing to decline, energy storage deployment is rapidly expanding and Energy Storage International (ESI), co-located with Solar Power International, paves the way for greater integration between the energy storage, solar, and distributed energy markets. As the largest energy storage event in North America, ESI features 250 exhibitors and over 12,500 attendees drawn to energy storage technology and applications each year.

Registration to North America Smart Energy Week gives you access to SPI, ESI, Smart Energy Marketplace + Microgrid, and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells International

Everything comes together in The Smart Energy Marketplace + Microgrid at SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week. The marketplace will include the entire solar, energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells, distributed wind, and smart energy microgrid landscape. The marketplace features a fully-functioning “live” microgrid, power conversion equipment, energy management systems, building and home smart energy products, electric vehicle charging stations, energy storage systems, and solar energy products—ultimately making the connection between solar, energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells, distributed wind, and smart energy.

Registration to North America Smart Energy Week gives you access to SPI, ESI, Smart Energy Marketplace + Microgrid, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells International, and Wind Energy International.

Solar Power Events Code of Conduct
Solar Power Events is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or other protected characteristics. We expect all attendees, media, speakers, volunteers, venue staff, and exhibitors to help us ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone. This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for behavior, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior.
Be considerate, respectful, and collaborative. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Alert event venue security or SETS staff if you notice a dangerous or harassing situation or someone in distress.
All who participate in the event deserve respectful treatment, regardless of the capacity in which they are attending. Unacceptable behaviors include: intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning conduct by any attendee, speaker, partner, exhibitor, or volunteer of the event or related event activities.Solar Power Events defines harassment to include: offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, gender identity, or disability; use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces (including presentation slides); deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention.Attendees often combine professional activities with social interaction and while Solar Power Events encourages such networking and strengthening of connections between participants, Solar Power Events reserves the right to remove anyone whose social attentions become unwelcome to an attendee or exhibitor, who appears inebriated and who engages in conduct that interferes with the ability of other attendees and/or exhibitors to participate in and enjoy the event. Event participants are not permitted to bring firearms to the event.
Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated at the events whether by (including but not limited to) attendees, media, speakers, volunteers, organizers, venue staff, sponsors, or exhibitors. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.Solar Power Events, at its discretion, may bar those who violate this code from continued attendance or participation in some or all of the events, without refund of any fees paid, and may in appropriate circumstance bar violators of this code from attendance or participation of future events.

Attendees should come in business/business casual attire.

No infants or children under the age of 18 are allowed on the exhibit floor or in education sessions.

A professional photographer will be on site to document SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week and all affiliate events/activities. Photographs and video footage are the sole property of Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC. By registering for and/or attending this event, you consent to being recorded or photographed for press or promotional purposes without limitation or compensation. All images submitted through any show management tool or device will be considered the property of Solar Energy Trade Shows, LCC upon submission and can be used for press and/or promotional purposes without limitation or compensation. All submitted pictures will be reviewed by show management for approval before use.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. In the event that we update or modify this Privacy Policy, we will strive to post such updates or modifications on this Website for a period of thirty days following any such modifications, and the last date this Privacy Policy was updated will be indicated as the latest Effective Date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you are advised to review this Privacy Policy occasionally, or at least every thirty days. Your continued use of this Website shall constitute your acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy.

I acknowledge that I participate in SETS events and activities at my own risk, and I agree to hold harmless, release, and discharge SETS, Solar Energy Industry Association, Smart Electric Power Alliance, and any sponsors or providers to any of them, from any and all claims, actions, damages, losses, costs, expenses and liability of any kind, including but not limited to any personal injury or property damage claims, liquor or dram shop claims, intellectual property infringement claims, privacy or security claims, and/or contract claims, that may arise out of my attendance at or participation in a SETS event or activity on or offsite, and agree to pay promptly for any injuries or damages. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless SETS, our partners, employees, agents, officers, directors, affiliates, third party vendors, and independent contractors against any damages, claims, or costs, in whole or in part arising directly or indirectly from your actions.

North America Smart Energy Week (NASEW) restricts exhibitors from hosting or participating in competing or conflicting events or activities that occur during official NASEW show hours. Exhibitors violating this policy will be subject to cancellation of their booth without refund and may not be invited to participate in future NASEW exhibitions. Booth Personnel are not permitted to promote the exhibiting company outside the contracted exhibit space. All marketing must remain within the contracted exhibit space. Marketing materials may not be placed on conference tables or other areas that are not within the boundaries of the booth, both inside and outside of the exhibit hall. Show management reserves the right to remove individuals or discard display materials that do not comply with these guidelines. NASEW has a zero-tolerance policy regarding suitcasing. Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the exhibit floor, any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, or in another company's booth, will be asked to leave immediately.

What is the Suitcasing? Suitcasing is a business practice in which unethical companies will gain access to an event by obtaining some type of event credential (attendee badge, expo-only badge, etc.) and then solicit business in the aisles or other public spaces used for the conference. This practice skirts the support of the organizer and the industry.

What can you do? Please report any violations you observe to the exhibits manager, other NASEW staff, or conference security. The exhibits manager will investigate all complaints of suitcasing. NASEW recognizes that suitcasing may also take the form of commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room or hospitality suite, a restaurant, or any other public place in proximity to our event. For the purposes of this policy, suitcasing violations may occur at venues other than the exhibition floor and at other events. It is for this reason NASEW must be informed of any hospitality suites, and expressed consent must be given prior to the event.

Registration costs vary. Please review the registration webpage for member/non-member costs, and what's included in each registration type. Registration for North America Smart Energy Week 2020 will open in mid-March.

To get the discounted member rate, you must be a member of SEPA and/or premium-level of national SEIA when you register. New membership takes up to 72 hours to process. You must be a member of SEIA and/or SEPA in good standing to receive the member rate for North America Smart Energy Week.
Join SEIA via email: or by phone: 202-682-0556.
via the online form: Membership Form or by phone: 202-857-0898.

Yes, we do offer a special student rate, but please note that we do not have any student scholarships available. To be eligible to receive the discounted rate, please submit a copy of your student ID and college advisor's contact information to You will be required to present your valid student ID onsite to pick up your badge.

Before an invitation letter can be provided, you must register for the conference and payment must be received via credit card, check (in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) or wire transfer. At that point, an invitation letter will be provided through the online registration system or the Registration Resource Center. Once an invitation letter has been provided, the remaining requirements of VISA application, necessary documentation, embassy or consulate interviews, etc. are the sole responsibility of the attendee. Should the VISA application be denied or not approved in time to attend the event, SETS will refund the full registration fee back to the original credit card or by check if the original payment was provided by check or wire transfer. Simply email should you not be able to attend the event due to VISA application-related issues.

Elected Government Official at the state level or higher interested in attending Solar Power International or Energy Storage International are eligible to register at no cost. This complimentary pass includes everything that is included in a Full Conference registration. Please note that to qualify as a Government Elected Official you must be an Elected Official in government, through election. Employees working in the office of an elected official do not qualify. Please email in order to obtain the promotional code.

North America Smart Energy Week has negotiated discounted hotel rates to help you save money while you're in Anaheim, CA. These are the lowest rates available near the Anaheim Convention Center. Orchid Events is the only verified housing vendor for North America Smart Energy Week. Please refer to our housing page to see rates and secure a reservation.

The mobile app will be live one week before North America Smart Energy Week. All attendees will receive an email with information about downloading the app.

Only Full Conference attendees will be able to receive the education slides. In order to gain access to the education slides, you need to download the mobile app. Full Conference attendees will receive special access to download the slides in the app, and can opt to have the presentation slides emailed as well.

SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week no longer offers bulk badge pickup, in order to pick up any badge onsite you will need to have a copy of the confirmation email for that specific registration. Please keep in mind there is a reprint fee. To reprint a lost badge onsite, the registrant will be required to pay 50% of the badge value per reprint. The registrant must also have a valid government ID that matches the information on the badge to qualify for a reprint. Networking event tickets (such as for the Block Party or Opening Reception) will not be reprinted for any reason. If you pick up a badge for another member of your company, it will be your sole responsibility to get the badge to that individual. Solar Energy Trade Shows is not liable for any badges or tickets after they have been printed.

Information regarding booth availability, costs, expo hall hours, and more can be found on the exhibit page.

More than 700 exhibiting companies filled the exhibit floor in 2019. See who has already booked their booth for North America Smart Energy Week 2020. See who's exhibiting.

No, but you can contact Wes Sutler to schedule a visit to the show floor.

The Exhibitor Service Kit consolidates all of the logistical information you need into one website. This information falls into three categories:
Show Management: The service kit includes important show management information such as the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, Important Dates and Deadlines, and Exhibitor Liability Insurance Requirements. It also includes required show management forms such as the Booth Diagram Approval Form, Hanging Sign Approval Form, and Certificate of Insurance Form.
General Service Contractor (currently GES): The service kit includes information and order forms for the services provided by the show’s general service contractor, such as shipping, material handling, labor and equipment, and booth furnishings. It also includes required general service contractor forms such as the Notice of Intent to Hire an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) and the Freight Questionnaire.
Vendors: The service kit includes the ordering forms for our vendors such as catering, floral, telecommunications, and lead retrieval.

If you have used GES Espresso before, even for an event that is produced by someone other than Solar Energy Trade Shows, your username and password will remain the same. If you have forgotten your password, you can click “forgot my password” in the login portal. If you have forgotten your username, you need to contact GES Customer Service.

The Exhibitor Dashboard is your home base for all your exhibitor service needs. We have consolidated the myriad resources necessary to coordinate a successful event at North America Smart Energy Week, Energy Storage International, and Solar Power International 2020 into one portal. This should provide you with greater ease of navigating all the items that you need to coordinate.

To log into your Exhibitor Dashboard you will need both your Exhibitor ID and Password. Both are sent to you as part of your booth purchase confirmation email which is automatically sent to you upon completion of your booth application. To find the Exhibitor Dashboard click here or find it under the Exhibit tab on

You can access your Exhibitor Registration Portal through our Registration page or through your Exhibitor Dashboard. To login through our registration you will need to enter your company name and password. Your password is sent to you as part of your booth purchase confirmation email which is automatically sent to you upon completion of your booth application.

SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week is a targeted show. For more information about what that means, please read the shipping 101 document. For our move-in date and time, please refer to the Target Move-in Map, which can be found in the service kit.

All move-in change requests must be submitted to the general service contractor, GES, via the Target Variance Request form in the service kit. Submission does not guarantee a target move-in change, as there are many considerations, such as proximity to freight doors, size of booth, and location in the exhibit hall. This is an application, and it must be approved by GES. You must receive formal approval from GES via the Target Variance Request form and be able to provide a copy of your approval onsite if asked. Permission granted by a GES Customer Service representative will not be accepted, as all requests must go through the Target Variance Request form. The form must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the service kit in order to be considered.

To change your booth contact’s information, please contact show management by emailing or by telephone: 703-738-9473 and our Exhibitor Services Associate will be able to make the requested changes.

To redeem your Customer Invitations that come complimentary with your booth purchase simply log into your Exhibitor Registration Portal through our Registration page or through the Exhibitor Dashboard. Once you have logged in click on the Customer Invitations tab found at the top of the page which will direct you to your Customer Invitation management page. Instructions on how to disseminate and redeem your invitations will be found on that page.

Yes, after-hours parties can be held Wednesday, September 16, from 6 pm to 8 pm in the exhibit hall. An after-hours party form must be completed and sent to Show Management for approval.

You can reserve a meeting room by completing the meeting room request form on the Solar Power International, Energy Storage International and North America Smart Energy Week 2020 by clicking here.

Meeting rooms are available for non-exhibitors and non-sponsors starting June 1st at a non-exhibitor/non-sponsor rate. Meeting rooms are reserved on a first come first serve basis and being and exhibitor or sponsor gives you early access to reserve meeting space first.

Meeting room request must be made by the company who will be using the space. Meeting rooms can not be reserved on behalf of other companies.

There is no limit to how many meeting rooms one company can reserve.

We ask that each meeting room request submitter provides an onsite contact. Often the person completing the request form is not the person who will be onsite coordinating. We want to make sure we can reach an onsite contact in case additional communication is needed.

F&B and AV are not included in the cost of the meeting room. F&B and AV are the responsibility of the company and should be coordinated with the property where your meeting room is reserved.

A nonrefundable 50% deposit will be due 30 (thirty) days after your signed contract is received. The remainder of your balance is due no later than August 1, 2020. Any meeting room booked after August 1, 2020 will require 100% full payment at time of booking.