North America Smart Energy Week


September 20-23, 2021
New Orleans, LA New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Call for 2021 Session Concepts

September 20-23, 2021 | New Orleans, LA

The first round of call for concepts ended in November 2020. However, we'll be re-opening the submissions in March 2021 for late-breaking education topics. 

As the renewables industry continues to take advantage of technological breakthroughs to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector, SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week showcases the best of business and technology ideas. Even with economically viable and scalable renewable solutions available, we must continue to address options for the world’s energy supply, for our business opportunities, and for our individual decarbonization goals.

This year’s NEW Call for Concepts seeks the best ideas to serve as the building blocks of the industry education at SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week 2021. We ask you to recommend best practices, innovations, and/or unique thoughts for the Education Committee to build into next year’s education program and help the event to continue to drive innovation in our industry.

Why participate in 2021?

  • Opportunity to show thought leadership across the solar, storage, and the full renewable spectrum.
  • Provide insight and expertise to all markets, including residential, utility-scale, and C&I.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion means a variety of perspectives.

For assistance, please reach out to the Education Team at

Diversity Statement

SEIA and SEPA are committed to building a diverse and inclusive industry, and we actively seek to provide speaking opportunities to subject matter experts who are women, black, indigenous, and people of color, and other underrepresented groups in Solar Power Events educational programs.

Topics of focus:

Regulatory Innovation and Policy Drivers

  • Rate Design and Valuing DERS
  • Utility Business Model Reform Innovation
  • IRPs/DRPs
  • State/Regional Policy
  • Federal Policy
  • Wholesale Markets

Finance and Asset Management

  • Finance of solar, wind, and renewables overall
  • O&M issues
  • Data Analytics

The Technical Symposium

The Technical Symposium is the event for the technical and scientific communities to present and share innovative research in the solar, storage, and smart energy industries at SPI, ESI, and North America Smart Energy Week, which is already the event for business and policy thought leaders. No other platform provides this opportunity for collaboration and access to the industry. Here's your opportunity to showcase your work in our 2021 program.

Grid Integration & Electrification (Solar, Wind, Storage, EE, EVs, etc)

  • Transportation Electrification (vehicle to Grid Integration, EVs, etc)
  • Grid Modernization
  • Grid-Scale Generation (USP, Wind) topics
  • DER (Residential, CDG, Community Solar)
  • Stand-alone Storage/Storage+ (ESI)
  • High penetration scenarios
  • Smart Cities
  • Microgrids
  • New technologies (ex. green hydrogen)

Managing Growth

  • Transmission
  • Land Use
  • Cybersecurity
  • Manufacturing
  • LMI/Diversity

For assistance, please reach out to the Education Team at