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September 23-26, 2019Salt Palace Convention CenterSalt Lake City, UT

SunShot Start-Up Alley

SunShot Start-Up Alley, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, features emerging solar companies developing cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models that will lower the cost of solar energy. Visit the pavilion on the exhibit floor and stop by the Innovation Theater on Tuesday, September 12 from 10:00 am – 3:45 pm to listen to these game-changing companies make their pitch to a panel of industry experts.

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Participating companies are listed below

Certain Solar

Certain Solar is a new cleantech startup harnessing the power of big data and behavioral economics to make solar energy more affordable and accessible to American families and businesses.

Visit them in booth #1477


EdgePower was formed to tackle the most challenging behind-the-meter energy issues for large commercial energy consumers.  Our on-site and cloud-based energy management systems are deployed into nearly 400 sites throughout the US and internationally.

Visit them in booth #1581

eIQ Energy, Inc.

At eIQ Energy we design and manufacture power electronics that make solar PV systems work at their most efficient. We believe in making clean energy more effective and affordable by improving the electrical balance of systems to improve energy harvest and reduce installation cost.

Visit them in booth #1676

Energy Sense Finance / Ei Value

Energy Sense Finance is a data and valuation solution provider in the areas of solar, energy storage and energy efficiency. With data on over 1 million solar PV systems nationwide our premium data & valuation solutions are used by Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Companies & Solar Installers to develop the value on both proposed and existing solar installations. Sign up and download our free Ei Value platform for iOS and Android today at www.eivalue.com.

Visit them in booth #1481


EnergySage makes it easy for you to research and comparison-shop for solar online. We are committed to helping you get multiple quotes and understand all of your options so that you can make a smart energy decision for your household.

Visit them in booth #1580

Extensible Energy

Extensible Energy provides intelligent demand-charge management solutions for commercial solar installers and their customers. The EE team also provides economic and analytic consulting for utilities, the Department of Energy, and large energy customers.

Visit them in booth #1577

Nhu Energy, Inc.

Nhu Energy provides research, development, de-risking, and deployment of energy technologies that enable the improved integration and control of electric power systems and particularly distributed energy resources, including solar PV and storage.

Visit them in booth #1672

Operant Solar

We provide reliable, low-cost, and secure communications networks for distributed energy resources. Keep systems connected to the internet for monitoring and control.

Visit them in booth #1572


PowerScout is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled lead generation platform for residential solar, delivering highly qualified leads that convert 2x better than the industry average and significantly reduces customer acquisition costs.

Visit them in booth #1473

ProjectEconomics Inc

Community solar software solutions for customer acquisition, management and billing for utilities, energy retailers and large solar developers.

Visit them in booth #1475

SenSanna Incorporated

Enabling the 'Industrial Internet of Things' with innovative wireless sensor solutions for harsh environments.

Visit them in booth #1670

Solar Dynamics LLC

Solar Dynamics is developing the next generation of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies.

Visit them in booth #1674


Soliculture Inc. has been focused on PV backsheet development since its inception in 2013. Their most recent backsheet endeavor has resulted in development of a single layer polymeric solar PV backsheet in both clear and white, which has proven to be reliable and economical.

Visit them in booth #1575


Solstice Initiative works with developers to build community solar arrays in which everyone can easily participate.

Visit them in booth #1576

Tessolar Inc.

Tessolar’s integrated rooftop photovoltaic solar hardware can reduce installation time by over 50% while reducing installation hardware cost.

Visit them in booth #1574

WattGlass, Inc

WattGlass coatings virtually eliminate reflection, glare and fogging on glass and other transparent materials using a proprietary nanoparticle coating. The coating is cost effective and is comprised of well understood and commercially available materials.

Visit them in booth #1573

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