September 10-13, 2017

Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

International Buyer Program

USDOC’s International Buyer Program will bring 55+ escorted delegations to SPI

The International Buyer Program (IBP) benefits U.S.-based exhibitors by bringing in overseas delegations to meet with U.S. exhibitors to make connections that lead to export sales and export partnerships.  The map below highlights the current IBP delegations that will be represented at SPI, a number which is expected to grow in the coming months. U.S. exhibitors interested in meeting with a delegation pre-show or onsite to learn about project developments, financing, and other opportunities should contact Project Officer, Mark Wells.

Contact IBP Project Officer Mark Wells for introductions to the delegations leaders.

Map of current delegations attending SPI with detailed development initiatives and market opportunities for each country:

U.S. Exhibitors: Meet One-on-One with Delegation Leaders at SPI

The U.S. Department of Commerce's (USDOC) IBP will offer a complimentary Showtime program for U.S. exhibitors that allows them to meet one-on-one with IBP Delegation Leaders from more than 60 overseas markets. There is no charge for participating in the Showtime program or being listed in the U.S. Export Interest Directory.

Review the IBP Map of Delegations on the left to see the list of countries currently attending SPI.  Showtime is available only to U.S. companies whose products represent U.S. content of at least 51%. Contact IBP Project Officer Mark Wells if you have questions about the USDOC's Showtime program, the complimentary U.S. Export Interest Directory listing, or about other USDOC export programs being offered at SPI.

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